Name: Kavitha Hanumanthu

Age: 30

Profession: Housekeeper, Hyderabad

Dream: “I want to give my children a good future and a good education…”

Connection with Kelly:
She helps Kelly & Aljoscha in their household. She helps to cook, clean and does the laundry. Kelly also teaches her Western cooking. She collects the recipes in her own cookbook after they cooked the dish at least one time together. Kavitha’s Cookbook already counts 19 dishes with on number 1 the Belgian waffles!

“I want to give my children a good future and a good education.”

My dreams:

I want one day my own house where I can live with my husband and my 2 children. I live now in the house of my uncle. I want to give my children a good future and a good education. I want that they have a nice job, different than mine. My job is physically very demanding. I hope my children could become a doctor or have a PC job. They can choose the job they want. They are still small so their thoughts are still changing. I want a better future for my kids. I only studied until my 6th class until I was 10 years old.

I started housekeeping when I was 10 years old. I worked for doctor Medha. I lived with the doctor in her house in Banjara Hills. I did the sweeping and dusting of her house. The doctor had 2 kids. By observing the interaction with their mum. I learned how to talk nice with other people. The doctor took good care of me. I got books, food, dresses, … from here. Everything I needed she gave to me. I worked there until I was 17 years old. After that I did a marketing job.

kavitha-kidsI got married when I was 20 years. One year later I had my first daughter and 2 years after her my second daughter was born. After I took time to raise my daughters I started working again at the age of 25 year. I worked for Americans. I learned English from them by talking. From there I started then working for the American Consulate. Whenever an expat family leaves, I jump to another new family that comes in.

I’m very eager to learn. I want to learn as much as possible in my job and I also want to finish my 10th class. If I have that certification I can apply for a government job. I don’t need the highest position in the government. If I have a job on my level I will have a nice salary (around € 260/ month) and I will also get money when I’m retired.
In my live I learned to make myself. I had no support from home. I pay for my kids to go to school (55000 Rupees, 720€), I pay their books, clothes. I also pay the gas and electricity at home. My husband is a driver.

Anybody needs support in live! I will for sure support my kids as much as possible.

What makes me happy?

I’m happy if my family is happy. My kids are for example happy if our relatives come to visit us or in the festival time. They are also happy on their birthday because they get for example clothes and cake from my mum. My husband is very happy on his ‘salary day’. So even in my family with four different individuals different things make us happy. Nobody is the same, they know themselves the best and know what makes them happy. I also love to meet with my friends.

I’m happy if I have nice housekeeping work with a nice madam. If I can talk nicely and laugh a lot I have a good day. Then I go home and take care of my husband and my kids.

In the weekend, I work in my house. I love watching TV or listening to music like Telugu and Hindi songs. When I sit on the bus on the way to my work I listen to that music on my phone.

I will also be happy if I passed my exam for the 10th class.

Kelly’s experience:

Kavitha is a very positive lady that brings good vibes in the house. Even if she doesn’t have a high education, she has a lot of wisdom taught her by life. Her faith makes her strong and guides her.

Your experience?

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