Hi, I’m Kelly.

A bioscience engineer with a decade of work experience in the field of sustainability.

Dreaming of a sustainable planet full of happy people dedicated to inspire you!

I’m born in Belgium and raised in a warm family in a little polder village (Vlissegem, De Haan) next to the North Sea in Belgium.

Getting inspired in India.

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Happy people inspire me. They make
the world bright and shiny.

Happy people are in my opinion essential in the sustainable planet we aspire for.
On top of that happiness is contagious.


In my family the power bill is reduced after installing solar systems.”

Before we could only produce beedis until 6pm. Now we can produce longer in the night. The income on the beedis is raising. The power bill becomes less.
Jyothi, teacher primary school Ibrahimpur

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